V. Lakshman on My Future Business Podcast

V. Lakshman on My Future Business Podcast

Author V. Lakshman was a guest on the My Future Business podcast with Rick Nuske. VJ discusses his entrepreneurial journey as a writer and his experience in the video game industry.
“It’s not often that I feel compelled to write about a guest as soon as the interview has finished. Today is different.” – Rick Nuske

The interview covered more than just being an author, they talked about business, story telling and game development.

About Rick Nuske and the My Future Business Show

Rick wants to see as many entrepreneurs as possible successfully create and sustain the business and lifestyle of their choosing, so they never have to work for someone else ever again if they don’t want to. His vision is for My Future Business to be a catalyst for change that drives the continued success of thousands of businesses worldwide. To achieve this incredibly important goal, he gives entrepreneurs a permanent voice on the popular My Future Business Show.

Check out VJ’s interview here.

Mythborn 3: Dark Ascension Released

Mythborn 3: Dark Ascension Released

Third Installment of Award Winning Dark Fantasy Epic Now Available

Mythborn Media, LLC in collaboration with Dawn’s Light, LLC released Mythborn 3: Dark Ascension, the third in a planned five book epic fantasy series.  Available in print and ebook formats, V. Lakshman’s ongoing blend of fantasy with cultural mythology continues to fascinate and entertain readers around the world.

Beginning with the critically acclaimed and award-winning Mythborn 1: Rise of the Adepts and continuing with Mythborn 2: Bane of the Warforged, Lakshman has created the world of Edyn, a mythical realm where forgotten technology is now viewed as magic and demons possess the living.

Now in Mythborn 3: Dark Ascension, we search for wayward apprentice Arek Winterthorn, hunted by assassins who know his death may in fact, save their world. Traditional views of morality are explored and challenged as the characters wrestle with their own values.  The question is asked: What is too great a sacrifice?

Author V. Lakshman is a celebrated video game designer and accomplished martial artist.  His novels have been lauded for realistic combat and the strength of his female characters, no longer portrayed as helpless females dressed in chainmail bikinis.  Instead, they are rulers, goddesses, and deadly assassins who change their world.

As the Mythborn universe is ever expanding. Lakshman is diligently working on transcending his creation beyond the limits of his novels to other media outlets such as video games, television, graphic novels, and interactive story-telling platforms.

V. Lakshman on MTR Network

V. Lakshman on MTR Network

We met a lot of cool people Blerdcon. One of them was Lashanda, the host of MTR Network. We were so excited mtr-networkwhen she reached out to have V. Lakshman on her show! VJ had a great time. Give it a listen below!


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