Mythborn 1 Now Available!

Mythborn 1 Now Available!

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Mythborn 1: Rise of the Adepts Releases Globally to Critical Acclaim
Epic Fantasy Series Gives Rise to Groundbreaking Literary-Live Action Franchise

PORTLAND, OR – April 12, 2018 – Mythborn Media, LLC in collaboration with Sillan Pace Brown Publishing, today announced that the first in a five-book series, Mythborn 1: Rise of the Adepts, is available globally in ebooks and print and in pre-production as a video game. The acclaimed literary series is at the forefront of a new movement in which the boundaries between literature and live action blur. Author and award-winning video game designer V. Lakshman conceived the book from the ground up to translate to video games and interactive entertainment.

As a veteran video game producer and designer, author Vijay Lakshman knows what it takes to bring a rich fantasy world to life. It is with this deep knowledge of the genre that he set out to write his debut series, Mythborn: Fate of the Sovereign. From the outset, his intent was to create a fantasy world for both readers and gamers alike to explore.

Mythborn 1: Rise of the Adepts is the first in a five-book series published by Sillan Pace Brown Publishing, LLC and produced by Dawn’s Light, LLC. It represents a new genre of literature in which live action franchises are built into the very fabric of beloved books. Already enjoying critical acclaim as a novel, Mythborn is in pre-production as a video game, set to expand into animated television, and currently under consideration for film rights.

Mythborn tells the story of the world of Edyn, a place where demons invade to possess the living, and forgotten technology is now considered magic. The fantasy novel re-imagines the genre’s idea of the “ultimate bad guy,” instead asking a new question: What if you find out you will be sacrificed for the greater good? Characters must wrestle with their own values as they decide what moral lines they are willing to cross in order to survive.

About the author: V. Lakshman is a veteran of the games industry and a specialist in new IP creation. His credits include 87 game titles across multiple platforms including co-creating the revolutionary game Elder Scrolls. His extensive martial arts training also informs his ability to write realistic action sequences.

What others are saying:
“Suspenseful, fast-paced, and complex epic dark fantasy.” – Chanticleer Book Reviews
“An ambitious, colorful, and highly readable fantasy epic.” – Kirkus Reviews.

“V. Lakshman and Mythborn represent the next generation of phenomenal storytelling – the kind readers want to immerse themselves in,” says Kiffer Brown of Sillan Pace Brown. “We are excited about the excellent response that we are seeing from fantasy fans and the entertainment industry.”

In preparation for its multimedia journey, Mythborn is backed by Dawn’s Light. Says CEO Alex Ferguson: “Dawn’s Light knows V. Lakshman has great talent and imagination. We are thrilled to the take the Mythborn Series to its fullest multimedia potential.”


More information about Mythborn can be found at Mythborn Media,LLC, Dawn’s Light, LLC, or Sillan Pace Brown Publishing, or you can contact

V. Lakshman to appear and Speak at Chanticleer Conference April 20th – 22nd

V. Lakshman to appear and Speak at Chanticleer Conference April 20th – 22nd

Chanticleer Author’s Conference 2018 – V. Lakshman is excited to be attending and speaking at the #CAC18 this weekend! (4/19 – 4/21). Anyone planning to attend can hear him speak Friday morning at 10am about how he’s woven a successful career in video games and martial arts into his new novel, Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts. He’ll give tips and techniques on the creative process he honed top tier development studios like Universal Studios in Hollywood. If you like dark fantasy, you can pick up a copy at the conference, which he’ll be happy to sign!

Don’t miss out on the creator of the Elder Scrolls talking about the creative development process and how the video games industry has great ways of building and launching mega-IPs!

For more information, visit the ‘About Author‘ page on this website.

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